The skyline of inland Jamestown.

Jamestown, officially the City of Jamestown, is the capital and largest city of Largonia, a small island nation in the Irish Sea. The city counts 45.000 inhabitants and was founded in the final years of the 19th century when many British and Canadian people settled in the eastern regions of Largonia were Jamestown is located.



The Church of Largonia, the largest religion community of the country, is located in Liverpool House, Jamestown.

There are some Christian religious buildings in the city. The list is incomplete because there are many small chapels:

There are two cemeteries in the city: the large Jamestown Cemetery and the small St Luke's Cemetery.


There is one large synagogue in the city center: the Jamestown Synagogue. There are around thousand Jewish people in the city.


The Jamestown Central Mosque is the only mosque in the country. It's a small building in the southern part of the city.

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